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About Us

Remember finding the perfect shade of paint for the kids room in your first home?  Or when
you finally found the drapes that brought together the couch, mocha wood floor and antique table in the family room?  That is what happened to us.  After searching, buying, returning and repeating (again and again) we thought we were done until we turned around and looked at the white light switch cover on the wall!

Our family room was beautiful with one eyesore.  So, we set out to fix it.  Unfortunately, the options were limited.  Either we found more plastic switch covers in tan and black or extremely expensive options that looked like it belong in antique store.  With limited options, we decided to create our own.

Colorful Switches was born out of a desire to beautify spaces everywhere.  Each switch plate is made of galvenized metal, dyed and given a satan finish.  Upon completion, a bright and beautiful switch plate is ready to adorn any wall.  

Some have asked, "Why metal?"  So it will last forever!  Our light switch and outlet covers will stand the test of time.  They UV resistant and ready to travel with you to your next home or space.  So, pop in the search box above, type in your favorite thing and see what we have to offer.